What the market is doing

Marketing Difference

How do I know which real estate company to sell my home with? Aren’t they all the same? What difference does it make to me?

There are two major things that will set real estate companies apart:

  1. How and where they advertise and present your property:In days gone by sales representatives would whack a sign out the front and take some photos of your property and put it on the internet, but times have changed! Statistics show that almost all buyers search using realestate.com.au. But simply putting your property on realestate.com.au is not the answer. Within our area there are hundreds and even thousands of properties that are for sale. Again statistics have proven that homes that are on page 1 of realestate.com.au and that look light and bright have more traffic than those on page 2. It’s like searching restaurants on google in Bunbury, most people never scroll to page 2. So what difference does that make to you? If you can have more traffic to your property, means more buyers which can create urgency and in turn will cause you to receive better offers.
  2. Do not overprice your property!When you first market your property you will get the most buyers and the best buyers. Buyers are savvy and compare properties on the internet and can become expert at determining what is and what isn’t good value. It will cost you dearly if your property just sits there on the market with no interest. A property that sits on the market will create a stigma that something is wrong with it, and nobody wants what nobody else wants.
    Barr and Standley have access to some of the world’s finest marketing at really competitive rates creating opportunities to make your property stand out like a lighthouse on a hill amongst a sea of houses.

You have access to the following resources:

  • Premium location on realestate.com.au (first page)
  • Drone photos and video footage
  • Professional photos
  • Floor plans
  • Video tours
  • Social media presence
  • TV commercials