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Born & bred in Bunbury, Garrod has seen it grow from a sleepy coastal town to the thriving city it is today. After entering the Real Estate industry in 2003, he has helped in excess of 1000 families realise their real estate dreams across the Greater Bunbury area & beyond.

With a sole focus on client satisfaction that exceeds expectations, Garrod utilises innovative & modern technology to give his clients the edge on the competition & with a successful track record behind him, it’s no surprise that he has built a reputation within the industry as one of the most reputable and highly regarded agents in the Bunbury area. This is further backed by a continual flow of repeat & referral business from his growing band of very loyal clients.

When away from the office Garrod loves nothing better than spending time with his wife & 4 children or training for his other passions of triathlons & cycling.

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