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I have lived and grown up in Bunbury my entire life and have been involved in the real estate industry since 2004. During this time I have seen Bunbury expand into a more vibrant and diverse city, with the expansion of the Industrial Sector with Worsley, Simcoa and the Inner Harbour to the rapid growth of new family friendly subdivisions like Dalyellup, Millbridge and Treendale.

I was here in the BOOM of 2004-2006 and I was here in the BUST of 2007-2009 and due to my passion for meeting new people and helping others achieve their respective goals I am still here TODAY.

I have been trained and studied under one of the most well respected real estate consumer advocates in the country, operating with high standards of Sales, Ethics and Client Care and believe that everyone involved in a real estate transaction: Buyer, Seller and Agent alike can all benefit by being honest, upfront and above all hold a high level of integrity.

I have grown up hearing the phrases “measure twice and cut once” and “your word is your bond” and feel that these phrases are more important in the dynamic and digital age of real estate today than they were yesterday. In other words be prepared with accurate and ample information to ensure you get the job done right the first time and if you promise you will do something then you do everything necessary to uphold your promise.

I also believe that in the digital age of “High-Tech” you have to balance it with an element of “High-Touch” which means face to face contact, regular feedback and constant communication. This enables you to form lasting and trusting relationships with people allowing them to become lifelong clients and friends because you are always prepared to put their interests ahead of your own.

After all: If you can’t TRUST me, How can you TRUST my price?”

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