About Joel Standley

With a long family history in real estate, it seemed like a natural progression to join the family business in 2005.

Prior to this I have had some pretty amazing experiences including working on The Leeuwin training ship, and spending two years in Taiwan, where I learnt to speak Mandarin and love Chinese food.

I spent a wonderful 6 years fulfilling my childhood dream of being an air force pilot in the RAAF, which took me to many parts of the world. My last posting was in Canberra where I spent 2 years as a pilot for the Prime Minister, the Governor General and other important political figures.

As much as I have enjoyed my adventures, the pull of the South West was too strong. I have found myself back in my hometown of Bunbury, doing my best job yet – working with my family. And nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping you on your own adventure.

So whether it be settling down in the beautiful South West or moving on to the next chapter in your life, for assistance in any and all things property, please call me.

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