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Tony retired from real estate in July 2013 at the age of 47 after a 16 year career during which he personally sold over 2,200 properties.

This career which commenced in Bunbury in 1997 included Tony being awarded the prestigious REIWA Grandmaster Salesperson Award (the highest real estate award possible in W.A.) 5 times in a row between 2005 and 2010, as well as starting up from scratch and owning and running his own company for 7 years between 2006 and 2013 before retiring. In this time and prior to starting his own company, Tony had forged an amazing reputation for excellent customer service. This culminated at the REIWA Awards in 2007/08 with Tony’s former company being awarded the Number 1 Company in W.A. Award for Excellence for their salesmanship and standard of service to their clients. They remain the only company outside of the Perth metropolitan area to have ever won this award.

Tony was also fortunate enough to sell more homes (Official REIWA Statistics) than anyone else in all of W.A. in the 5 year period between 1/7/05 and 30/6/10. This was a testament to Tony’s career which was all about dedication and commitment to his clients.

After retiring in 2013, Tony was invited by many companies all over W.A. (including Barr and Standley) to coach and mentor their sales representatives both individually and as a group.

Most recently in July 2016, Tony accepted a position offered by Barr and Standley working with and coaching other sales representatives at Barr and Standley while still being able to help out his old clients with their real estate transactions.

In this unique role Tony is now available to advise his old clients in all real estate matters as well as arrange VIP client commission discounts for them if and when they decide to sell their properties with Barr and Standley.

He looks forward to contacting and hearing from many of these old clients and friends.

To contact Tony Roelofsen call him on 0438 02 66 11 or email him on

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