Pelican Point

Pelican Point is predominantly developed for low density large single houses that are very good in condition. The local area encompasses or adjoins an 18 hole golf course (Sanctuary Golf Resort), two pockets of commercial uses and a caravan park. The local area is divided into three housing estates defined by the golf course and canals (Sanctuary Golf Estate and Grand Canals) which are linked by a dual access path across Estuary Drive and along Old Coast Road. Surrounding local areas include Glen Iris – Moorlands, Vittoria (Bunbury Inner Harbour) and the City boundary.

Development of the three estate occurred between 1993-1997, with the exception of a small land release in 2003 and the proposed shopping centre approved in 2007, yet to be constructed.

A recently developed car wash on the corner of Estuary Drive and Old Coast Road has altered the residential amenity on the north-eastern corner of the estate which has always been zoned for a Neighbourhood Centre, but never acted upon, a possible service station and / or fast food outlet may ensue.

The state houses a boat launch ramp and extensive car parking and public toilets to the north to accommodate recreational boating facilities as the canals open onto the mouth of the Collie River.

Views over the Leschenault Estuary extend to the Inner Harbour, Turkey Point, and the CBD as well as to coastal reserves including Belvedere Beach and surrounding dunes.

Within the three estates there are two sets of private tennis courts for residents only, and a spread of pocket parks. The periphery of the estates is linked with foreshore reserves and lineal parks. The canals are considered a community asset for recreation sea crafts, residents have access to private jetties and therefore the canals form a part of the allocated public open space.

Pelican Point is well landscaped throughout; established native trees are in the park areas and along the median strips which creates a natural linkage between the streetscapes and open spaces.

  • Suburb:Pelican Point
Address Suburb Bed Bath Car Price
8 Sabina Way PELICAN POINT 4 2 4 $790,000 View Property
28/105 Old Coast Road PELICAN POINT 0 0 0 Offers Over $150,000 View Property
10 & 14 Broadway PELICAN POINT Offers Over $450,000 per lot View Property
7 Troon Court PELICAN POINT 4 2 6 Offers Over $479,000 View Property
10 Sabina Way PELICAN POINT 3 2 2 Offers Over $599,000 View Property
45 Willis Cove PELICAN POINT 0 0 0 $480,000 All Enquiries Call Jay Standley View Property
22/105 Old Coast Road PELICAN POINT 2 1 0 $120,000 View Property
3/105 Old Coast Road PELICAN POINT 1 1 0 Offers Over $39,000 View Property
8a San Marco Promenade PELICAN POINT 0 0 0 $395,000 View Property
17/105 Old Coast Road PELICAN POINT 1 1 0 $80,000 View Property
Lot 66 Estuary Drive PELICAN POINT 0 0 0 Offers Over $700,000 View Property
Address Suburb Sold Date Bed Bath Car Sale Price
PELICAN POINT 17-07-2018 0 0 0 Undisclosed View Property
5 Pickworth Retreat PELICAN POINT 2-02-2018 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
13A Epacris Elbow PELICAN POINT 31-08-2017 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
29B Pickworth Retreat PELICAN POINT 9-05-2017 3 2 2 $413,000 View Property