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Just relax let us do the hard work

Selling and buying property often is associated with stress. This need not be the case and we certainly will do everything that we can to make the process as stress free as possible. Our experienced customer service driven real estate agents will take all the hard work out … Read more »

Selling tips

Tip 1: Throw some light on it.
Light is essential. If it doesn’t exist, look for ways to create it. Can a lamp be used, or perhaps a skylight could be installed to create more light? Cut foliage away from windows that might be preventing light from flooding into a room. … Read more »

The unknown cost of purchasing a new home

A properties price tag isn’t the only thing you’re spending when buying a new home. All buyers should be aware of the extra hidden costs.

Do you think you have enough money to buy that property?
The Unrevealed Costs of Purchasing
Purchasing a home isn’t as easy as saving up a deposit … Read more »

Thinking of downsizing? Maybe you should?

We often speak to home owners where the nest has emptied and they have the family home on a large block and look forward to the day when they can pack up the camper and drive around Australia. That day could already be here, it might just be time to … Read more »