Thinking of downsizing? Maybe you should?


We often speak to home owners where the nest has emptied and they have the family home on a large block and look forward to the day when they can pack up the camper and drive around Australia. That day could already be here, it might just be time to downsize. You might have a 4 bedroom home on the old quarter acre block that has now become subdividable and you could either chop the block up and sell it off or sell the whole property and move into a nice 3×2 unit which is one of 3, no need for strata fees you get to know the neighbours who will look out for your property while you are away.

Life doesn’t stop and sometimes it can sneak away on us and we could be still in the grind of a large property and all the added expenses that can come with that, we might loose sight of the dream.

One of our recent purchasers called us recently saying I should have done this years ago, not only do they not have that dreaded back lawn and the corner that council don’t mow as often as would like. They now have some added cash flow as they got a reasonable price for the old house and moved into something smaller and cheaper. If you would like some more information on this strategy or would like to know what your zoning now is in your area, our estate agents would love to help out.

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