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Bunbury is 175 kms south of Perth and is the third largest city in WA. Bunbury is a port city and apart from the farming and timber industries in the area, Bunbury also has a large administrative area. Tourism is big in the area and the town profits from the influx of tourists each year. The town is well serviced by bus and train links to Perth daily and local bus services for travel around town, school and special services. Bunbury has large shopping centres offering supermarkets, department stores, boutique and specialty stores. There are many restaurants and take away food outlets as well as the popular fast food chains.

Take your choice of schools here with both state and private primary and secondary schools as well as preschools and daycare centres. Sport is big in Bunbury with many playing fields, swimming pools and indoor recreation venues. There are all kinds of sporting clubs and associations covering many sports. Bunbury has a large and fast growing population and many new housing sub divisions are being opened up as the town spreads. Prices for homes have risen dramatically in the past few years and rental prices are also reflecting this growth.